Mar. 29th, 2007

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I've planted a back yard garden for the past several years. It's been a lot of work, and the level of success has varied. Last year's tomato crop was a little disappointing. They tasted great, but there just weren't many of them. I almost considered skipping it this year and buying produce at the farmer's market, but I have a renewed interest in things organic after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, among other things, and I want to give it a real go this time.

Saturday, with the snow still on the ground, I planted several trays of seeds with the hopes of ending up with a dozen hardy tomato plants (regular and cherry), 6 eggplant, 6 cucumber, 6 Jalapenos, 12 spinach, 12 squash (two different kinds), some ornamental gourds, and a bunch of peas, beans, Lima beans, pinto beans, okra, and some Marigolds to go around the borders for a natural bug repellent. I have carrots and radishes that can go directly into the ground when it warms up.

Maybe this is too many different things, but I will see what does well and adjust accordingly next year. I think this will be my third attempt to grow okra, and I planted a lot more seeds this time and will give the plants more space and a good spot in the garden.

On Sunday I went to an Ostara ritual at a friend's house where we each blessed and planted sunflower seeds in little peat pots. It was like a symbolic representation of the entire previous day, but it's easier to be mindful while planting a few seeds than when planting a few hundred.

Yesterday I noticed that some of the Marigolds and beans have already started to sprout.


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