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I've planted a back yard garden for the past several years. It's been a lot of work, and the level of success has varied. Last year's tomato crop was a little disappointing. They tasted great, but there just weren't many of them. I almost considered skipping it this year and buying produce at the farmer's market, but I have a renewed interest in things organic after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, among other things, and I want to give it a real go this time.

Saturday, with the snow still on the ground, I planted several trays of seeds with the hopes of ending up with a dozen hardy tomato plants (regular and cherry), 6 eggplant, 6 cucumber, 6 Jalapenos, 12 spinach, 12 squash (two different kinds), some ornamental gourds, and a bunch of peas, beans, Lima beans, pinto beans, okra, and some Marigolds to go around the borders for a natural bug repellent. I have carrots and radishes that can go directly into the ground when it warms up.

Maybe this is too many different things, but I will see what does well and adjust accordingly next year. I think this will be my third attempt to grow okra, and I planted a lot more seeds this time and will give the plants more space and a good spot in the garden.

On Sunday I went to an Ostara ritual at a friend's house where we each blessed and planted sunflower seeds in little peat pots. It was like a symbolic representation of the entire previous day, but it's easier to be mindful while planting a few seeds than when planting a few hundred.

Yesterday I noticed that some of the Marigolds and beans have already started to sprout.

Date: 2007-03-29 06:21 pm (UTC)
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Have you ever heard of "the three sisters"? If you've just started your plants in trays (as opposed to the garden plot itself), you've still got time to choose a few token maize stalks to act as bean-poles.

(I recommend popcorn, as neighborhood beasties (like raccoons) tend not to try to eat it more than once.)

I'll forego teasing you about okra.

But what kind of lima beans? Butterbeans? Fordhooks? Baby limas?

(Hmmm. Perhaps you'd like a sweet corn to make succotash with...)

Date: 2007-03-29 10:13 pm (UTC)
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I'd heard of the trio of crops as the three sisters, but I didn't realize the beans grew up the corn stalks. That sounds cool.

Okra, love it or hate it, I guess, but it's so good battered and fried. Maybe you have to be raised on it.

The Lima seed packet says, "Burpee's Improved Bush Lima." This is just a packet left over from last year that I got from the hardware store. I have not yet gotten to the point where I'm ordering from a seed catalog. Maybe next year. I used to just buy seedlings at K-Mart, but there wasn't enough variety, so I started growing from seeds.


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