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Back in town from sunny Florida, just in time for the first big snow storm. Back to "normal", which I've redefined to mean catching up from being out of town. Third time in three months. Catching up on BSG, email, etc. Talking in abbreviated sentences. Does that make me more efficient? Maybe not.


Jan. 26th, 2007 10:42 am
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Crash and I eloped yesterday! We have been talking about it for some time, and decided to do a stealth wedding, just get the paperwork, have a simple ceremony and not tell anyone until it was done. We wanted to do it in January because it marks seven years since we met and it would be a new tax year.

I took off work early, went by the grocery store to pick out a couple of miniature cakes and a bouquet of flowers, and then met Crash at work. We went to the JP's house, had some Oolong tea, went over some paperwork, and then proceeded.

[ profile] jbsegal was the Justice of the Peace. Also in attendance were [ profile] hammercock and [ profile] trowa_barton, who got to find out earlier than everyone else because they live there. Also in attendance was Marlowe the cat. [ profile] hammercock caught the bouquet three times. (We were trying to get a picture).

I smudged the area and ourselves with sage. For music we played Blue Oyster Cult, because when we met Crash was wearing a BOC t-shirt and that's why I talked to him. Words were read, vows were exchanged, we were nervous and silly and laughed a lot, and it was all very special. Then we went out for Mexican.

So yesterday was my 0th wedding anniversary. Wow.


Jan. 26th, 2007 09:38 am
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Life has been moving faster than I have time to document. I usually plan some down time in December to think about my goals for the coming year, catch up on anything leftover from the old year, etc. but between the coughing sickness and an unexpected trip out of town for my grandmother's funeral (bless her, she was 91 and a great lady and I will miss her), I have gone from planning mode to dealing with one day at a time, which may be a good lesson for me.

So I feel like 2007 has started without me, and I have been running to catch up.

The answer is: just focus on what is important.

The next post is important.
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A noted epidemiologist believed that high outbreaks of flu in winter is due to plummeting levels of vitamin D due to less exposure to sunlight. In tropical climates, the pattern is flu outbreaks in the rainy season, again due to less exposure to sunlight and low vitamin D levels...

ot the tiny url version:

My multivitamin has 400IU of D, enough to keep me from getting rickets but apparently not enough to keep me from getting the nasty cold I'm recovering from, if vitamin D works on colds as well as flu, which is just speculation on my part.

So why the cold? I pretty much take illness as a personal insult, and this is one of the worst ones I've had in years.

Some notes from the Sage, (I Ching, Wilhelm)
Modesty --> Obstruction
Modesty: References to cycles of nature, waxing and waning of the moon. "He who possesses something great must not make it too full. The way to expansion leads through contraction."
Obstruction: "An obstruction that lasts for a time is useful for self-development ... The superior man turns his attention to himself and molds his character... While the inferior man seeks to put the blame on other persons, bewailing his fate, the superior man seeks the error within himself ... the way of overcoming obstacles lies in turning inward and raising one's own being to a higher level..."

Currently reading: _The Science of the Craft_ by William H. Keith
Recently finished: _Very Bad Deaths_ by Spider Robinson
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Loser- INTP
Talked to another human being lately? I'm serious. You value knowledge above ALL else. You love new ideas, and become very excited over abstractions and theories. The fact that nobody else cares still hasn't become apparent to you...

Nerd's a great word to describe you, and I seriously couldn't care less about the different definitions of the word and why you're actually more of a geek than a nerd. Don't pretend you weren't thinking that. You want every single miniscule fact and theory to be presented correctly.

Critical? Sarcastic? Cynical? Pessimistic? Just a few words to describe you when you're at your very best...*cough* Sorry, I mean worst. Picking up the dudes or dudettes isn't something you find easy, but don't worry too much about it. You can blame it on your personality type now.

On top of all this, you're shy. Nice one, wench. No wonder you're on OKCupid!
Now, quickly go and delete everything about "theoretical questions" from your profile page. As long as nobody tries to start a conversation with you, just MAYBE you'll now have a chance of picking up a date. But don't get your hopes up.

I am interested though. If a tree fell over in a forest, would it really make a sound?

other personality types )
Link: The Brutally Honest Personality Test written by UltimateMaster on Ok Cupid
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I'm getting ready to head down to Tennessee for a week. I may or may not have an internet connection.

Latest dream work: hypnosis, in person and recorded. It's helped increase dream recall and the incidence of dream signs, but no new lucid dreams. I'll be going through the dream notebook at the end of the year to look for patterns and come up with a strategy for next year.
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This is *too* good.

White & Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic

"...I'm fluid in Javascript as well as Klingon..."

lyrics )

Here is the mp3. Must! Listen! Now!

Or if you want to watch a dancing banana while you listen:

This will be on the Straight Outta Lynwood album
coming out later this month. I will buy it.
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I'm taking a few days off work to do some things around the house, edit the CRM114 index, work on my webpage, send off for rebates and just do stuff I never have time for. Rather than make one big post about all the stuff I've skipped & recent ideas, I think I may do a series of shorter posts this week as things occur to me.

Today so far: exercised to make up for Kung Fu being closed this week, 3 hours of indexing, 1 hour history (watched Thomas Jefferson vid), now laundry.

Currently reading: The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil, Pathway to Ecstasy - The Way of the Dream Mandala by Patricia Garfield.

Lucid dreams so far this year: 2 (I was hoping for more, but maybe they will start increasing as I find techniques that work better for me). Last night I dreamed of cheese.
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So, I liked the six-week Kung Fu class so much that I signed up for the ongoing classes. Now I'm going ~3 times a week. I feel great, and it's only about a mile from the house, so very convenient. I have a class tonight, which I am looking forward to.

But today, today I must play golf. I have only played mini-golf before, but this is an event for work. I am not much into sports, but this might be fun. Or not. I will miss the dinosaurs and windmills.

In other news, I drove Crash in to work at 3am so he could pick up some stuff before heading off to England. He is going to be filming another episode of Scrapheap Challenge (the US version is Junkyard Wars) with the original team, The Nerds. Their official site is but it doesn't look like it has been updated since the last series.

Yesterday was his birthday. We had cake and ice cream and ran last minute errands.

Currently reading: Getting Things Done, The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen
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So, I don't quite have the hang of this LJ yet. I did write about a shopping trip to Salem with BW & Di in my pen & ink journal. That trip seemed to kick start a recent trend in creative hobby obsession. I saw some beautiful (and expensive) chalices, and decided I could make one myself, so I bought some leading and glass paint and I've been picking up plain wine glasses at flea markets to practice on.

Then I went to a Stampin' Up party and got interested in rubbing stamping - especially the candle decorations, so now I have some other supplies on order and several boxes of plain candles.

To make room for the new I decluttered a bunch of old crap, and rented a table at an indoor flea today. Unfortunately it was pouring rain and there were hardly any customers. I did have a nice conversation about meditation with one of the other vendors, spent about an hour writing haiku and read Asimov's SFM the rest of the time. Then I had to repack my car in the rain and bring all the crap back home. I've found some appropriate places to donate things, though, so I'll get rid of it for sure even if it's just for the tax deduction.

Other recent events: went to Webmaster World (work), B&A's housewarming (fun), NEASI Spring Meeting (indexing, cool). Finished a php/mysql online class and started a six-week Intro to Kung Fu class. I thought I was in decent shape before, but no.
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Sorry, I have no pics. The event was celebrated with canned salmon and a couple of bites of filet mignon. The cats appreciated it, but not being able to read the calendar, couldn't really understand what the monkeys were making a fuss about.
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Possible trip to England in June. The N.E.R.D.s have been asked back on Scrapheap Challenge (in America it's called Junkyard Wars, though I'm not sure if it's showing over here now), so Crash and I may take some vacation after he does the show. Depends on how much free time he'll have. I wasn't planning on taking any major trips this year (other than visiting relatives in TN) since I want to go to WorldCon in Yokohama in 2007, but I really like England. We'll see.

In about three days I will make my last car payment, perhaps the last car payment of my life, but certainly the last in many, many, years. Woohoo! I plan to use the extra money for a Netflix account, Sharebuilder and savings, as the car is no longer under warranty.

I'll be at Webmaster World in April for work.

I plan to go to Anime Boston in May.

We are looking around at houses closer in to Crash's work to lessen his commute. (I usually work from my home office, so it's not critical for me.) We aren't really planning to move, just checking the open house listings in case something great turns up that would make it worth the hassle of moving. We also may decide to stay here and do a little remodeling.

Sweet Gale (the ingredient in Lucid Dream tea) has no noticeable affect on me.
Stilton Cheese likewise did not apparently affect my dreams. I'll be trying something else starting in a couple of weeks, maybe a different tea.

I started some seeds indoors (tomatoes, peppers, okra, squash, spinach, cucumber, etc.), and the beans are getting really tall. I may have to transplant them before it gets warm enough to plant them out in the garden. They are blocking the light from the other little plants. Next time I will have a separate tray for beans.

I recently discovered the joys of Butternut Squash casserole thing. Put in eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla & bake it turns into a kind of custard. Yum.

I am listening to a lot of podcasts. I will mention them by name with links later, maybe.

That's it. I must go work on my php/mysql homework.
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Supposedly, the English Cheese Board has said that of all cheeses, Stilton is the one that causes the most vivid dreams. I couldn't find plain Stilton, so I got Stilton with lemon peel. I just had 20 grams and I'm going to bed. I have enough for 5 more days, but starting tomorrow night I'll probably try the Lucid Dream tea. It's made in Canada, but I found a company in Vermont that sells it (International Herbs).

In the same shipment, I got a few other things: Mugwort, Valerian root, Calamus root, and lilac. Some is for a dream pillow, and some is for tea. When the box arrived, I sat on the sofa to open it, and the cats ran over and started drooling like crazy all over the box. Turns out that Valerian root is like catnip, but I never noticed the excessive drool with catnip. It was pretty nasty. I had to put the package in the microwave to save it, and put the trash bag with the paper it had been wrapped in on top of the refrigerator. Also, Valerian smells like sweaty socks, so I kept passing through the kitchen thinking, "Ugh, what's that smell?"


Mar. 13th, 2006 10:07 pm
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Been busy. Here's a brief overview before I forget what I've done so far this month:

March 1st: USN Dinner at Cottonwood Cafe. Nice. Interesting to meet other people
in Boston who went to USN (High School) in Nashville.

March 5th: got several cases of free books at the library giveaway

March 7th: SPAMALOT! That was fun. A lot of my favorite lines, plus quite a bit
of new material. Ni!

php/MySQL class starts Wednesday
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There are about a million things I want to do right now. I guess that's better than not wanting to do anything, but it's frustrating. There's some lesson here about patience, and focusing. Breathe. Okay, back to work.

Goals 2006

Feb. 22nd, 2006 10:26 pm
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Last year I really started doing major goal work for the first time. I went a little overboard and had 11 goals, some of which required several hours a week of work. It was like having a second job. All in all, I got 8 done though I did get a little stressed out near the end of the year.

Actually, I was more stressed in the third quarter. Near the end of the year I knew which ones I was going
to make and which ones were a loss and was able to relax a little.

This time, I limited myself to no more than 7 goals that have a one-hour a week time requirement, though I have a pile of "soft" goals that I'm also working on, just not so worried about tracking the time.

Goals for 2006 )
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I keep meaning to update this journal, but I'm not really in the habit yet, so I keep putting it off. I did dream that I was about to update it, but I didn't have an internet connection. So now I do. I'm awake, I think. (checks) Yep. Awake.

I repeated the same experiment/ritual/meditation whatever you want to call it that I had such great luck with originally, but this time I did not have a lucid dream. I will try it again several more times at least over the course of the year to see what happens, along with other techniques. I'm a bit disappointed that I don't have a sure-fire guaranteed lucid-dream induction technique, but maybe that was overly optimistic for right out of the gate. I am, however, having a ton of non-lucid dreams, so many that I'm falling behind in typing them up and now I'm swimming in little scribbled note pages that I'll have to decipher soon. I think the volume has doubled or tripled, but I'll do a hard count when I get caught up. Maybe the extra dream awareness went for memory rather than lucidity this time.

Some ideas for the future: herbal teas, dream pillows, more meditations, keep reading dream books. Just finished: The Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual by Strephon Kaplan Williams. (Many, many different techniques for working with dreams. Very useful.) Just started: Dreams Beyond Dreaming by Jean Campbell. Favorite all time dream book so far: Patricia Garfield's Creative Dreaming.
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"Syrians have set fire to the Norwegian and Danish embassies in Damascus to protest at the publication of newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad." BBC News

So, I can't help but wonder, will we look back someday and say that WW3 was started by a cartoon? And people thought puns were dangerous.
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One of my goals this year is working deeply with my dreams, which includes reading books on dreams, keeping a dream journal, and tracking possible influences on quantity/content including varying sleep times, current reading material, phases of the moon, etc. I've been remembering more dreams over the past few weeks, but haven't had much luck with getting lucid, other than a few near-lucid instances.

This morning I got one. Of course I don't have enough data to say for sure what triggered it, but yesterday I finished reading Etheric Anatomy by Victor Anderson, and did a Huna mana raising exercise with the intent of increasing my dream awareness. It could also be the accumulation of daily reality checks (asking myself if I'm dreaming, looking at my hands, etc.) Anyway, something worked, and I'm only 28 days into the experiment. I've had a few lucid dreams in the past, but they've been pretty few and far between. I hope this systematic study will help me learn effective induction methods.

dream excerpt )

Here's a link to the Mana exercise:
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