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2009-12-12 01:09 pm

Things that don't make sense

Why do nurses wake you up after you've slept for 3 1/2 or 4 hours and ask you how you feel? How do I feel? I'm disoriented and a little confused. Last thing I remember I was on a very large, crowded stage dressed as Captain Kirk, wandering around doing my best to ad lib with the other characters. I couldn't remember any lines, but I was sure I had a scene with a Ferengi. Maybe, dear Nurse, you can find out for me 1) who cast a very pregnant woman as Captain Kirk, 2) where I can get a copy of my script and 3) why Kirk would have a scene with a Ferengi since they were not introduced until Next Gen. Thank you. zzzz.
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2009-11-28 01:04 pm
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A Long Overdue Update, Twins, etc.

So if you haven't seen me in person in awhile you may not know that I'm having twins. For that our family is very happy, but it has turned out to be a high-risk pregnancy because they are mo/mo, or monochorionic/monoamniotic, which is a rare condition where they share the same amnionic sac.

There are a lot of scary statistics on this out there on the 'net, but I have made it to 27 weeks with no problems whatsoever other than low iron, and I'm now checked in to Brigham and Women's hospital where I can be monitored regularly. Everything is going very well, and on Thursday's Biophysical Profile ultrasound both of the little ones got 8 out of 8 scores, doing their practice breathing, etc.

I will most likely be here until sometime in January. Later is better, but I'm here because they have a level 3 NICU that can care for pre-term babies. Every additional week I'm stuck here is better for them. I have a pile of books, a wireless connection, Netflix, hulu, a list of projects to work on and the food's not bad. If I get bored I'll take up finger weaving or learn Spanish.

I'm leaving this post open for now in case there are people who would like to know but aren't on my flist.

Questions are okay, here are a few answers:
the old fashioned way (well, plus a basal thermometer and ov. test strips)
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2008-11-17 11:51 am
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Rochester and back

Drove out to Rochester Friday and came back Sunday. Stephen charmed his relatives with his baby cheeks and by grunting the tune to The Blue Danube. We went to a great BBQ place - Dinosaur something and then to the Museum of Play. Saw snow flurries on the way back, and a gas station in western Mass. had gas @1.98/gallon. Seems cheap now. It was a good trip.
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2008-07-26 11:22 am
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How to Eliminate Hypocrisy

Do the math.

In this study, subjects were put in a position to act selfishly and then questioned about their actions. Some were also assigned a task of memorizing a list of numbers.

"That little bit of extra mental exertion was enough to eliminate hypocrisy. These people judged their own actions just as harshly as others did. Their brains were apparently too busy to rationalize their selfishness, so they fell back on their intuitive feelings about fairness."

Does this mean people who have learned to quiet their "monkey mind" are more honest and trustworthy?

Does this only work if the person has not already come up with their rationalizations?

Can this be used to stop the selfish act in the first place? I think so, if you are trying to decide what to do and ask yourself whether or not it is really fair while doing some sort of mental distraction.

The article also has some interesting stuff about how we are hypocritical about members of our group (even if that only means people wearing the same color wristband) and how that relates to current politics.

NYT article:

Found in Stever Robbins' blog:
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2008-07-14 08:14 am
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The Latest Wildlife

6:48 a.m. I was looking out the bedroom window and saw a flash of color moving through the woods. Deer? No, it's too small to be a deer. Baby deer? No, still too small. Then it popped out of the woods and crossed through the backyard. Wolf? Dog? Wolf? Dog? Not sure, but I think it was a coyote. It's not surprising with all the rabbits just sitting about on people's lawns.

Last week I saw a snake by the driveway. It was dark with yellow pinstripes down its length - either a garter snake or ribbon snake. Cute. It was coiled up and would have fit nicely on a saucer. I scared it away when I spoke out loud but it probably hangs out in the stone wall near the mailbox.

I also saw the woodchuck-type creature a couple of times lately. It's very shy and runs back into the woods when it hears any noise.

I should start wearing my camera around my neck.
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2008-06-11 09:56 am
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There are a lot of turtles about, and more on the way. Yesterday when I went out for a morning stroll with Stephen I saw a turtle laying eggs in the yard. Today there was one laying eggs in my garden. I'll have to find out when they are supposed to hatch so I can watch my step.
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2008-05-13 10:01 am
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Road Trip to Rochester

We went to Rochester, NY over the weekend. Drove out Friday; spent Saturday visiting relatives at Crash's sister's 50th birthday party. Homemade authentic Greek food: yum! Stephen didn't really like being held by people he didn't know, but he was quite happy to smile at them and laugh while I held him or while he played on the floor. They took tons of photos and will be sending us copies of the best ones. Everyone was really nice and they even had toys for Stephen and flowers for me for Mother's Day. Drove back Sunday.

By the trip timer, it was about 6 1/2 hours each way, but with the necessary stops it was closer to 8 hours. Coming back was worse because we were already tired. It wasn't that bad, though. Crash drove and I sat in the back seat swapping toys, sippy cup, feeding Cheerios, etc. Now we know long car trips are possible.

The last hour wasn't pleasant, though. Poor little guy hit his limit and became inconsolable. We stopped for a diaper check and a quick nurse, but as soon as he was back in his car seat he started crying again and went on for 20-30 minutes until he fell asleep. I felt so sorry for him. *sigh* I'm sure he's glad to be home, but he enjoyed all the attention from his relatives, too.

I would like to take a few days some time and explore Route 2, maybe take some pictures. There are a lot of interesting little souvenir stands, restaurants and shops along the way. There is a cave and some campgrounds, a white-water rafting place, little motels and Bed & Breakfasts, and a restaurant at the hairpin curve somewhere near North Adams, I think.

Oh, yeah, I saw several patches of snow in the woods off the side of the road. And a "bear crossing" sign. I had the new "Sweet Tea" at McDonald's. It may be too sweet even for me.
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2008-04-25 05:06 pm


Yay! I won cookies!
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2008-03-04 06:34 pm
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Originally uploaded by penmillion
Latest baby picture: Stephen eating bananas. This is from yesterday.
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2007-12-03 05:26 pm

Back to Work

Today was my first day working again after three months of maternity leave. I only managed to log two hours. Hmm. Not bad, I guess. At least my schedule is flexible. And I got to do most of my work with a baby asleep in my lap.
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2007-11-01 03:38 pm
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Comforting a Pregnant Woman, Geek Style

(from ~second trimester - helps if you've seen Cronenberg's 1986 remake of The Fly)

Me: "You know, with all the physical changes I've been going through lately, I'm starting to feel like 'The Fly.'"
Crash: "Well, you are!"
Me: "What?! I am not the Fly!" Imagines Jeff Goldblum picking off pieces of his ear, vomiting on donuts, etc.
Crash: "Sure you are! blah blah carrying x percent foreign DNA, blah, blah, etc."
Me: "At least it's human DNA."
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2007-10-16 03:57 pm

laughing yoga (boo be boo be boooooo)

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2007-09-29 10:41 am
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Welcome to Earth!

Welcome to Earth, and Happy One-Week Birthday

Stephen William Yerazunis
born Saturday, September 22, 2007, 1:48 am
6 pounds, 12.5 ounces
20.5 inches long

first baby picture:

I will post more details/pictures later, but I wanted to get the basic announcement up here while I had a few minutes. I've been very busy and a bit sleep deprived, of course, but I really feel like I've hit the jackpot with this little guy.
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2007-09-21 06:07 am
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In the words of Captain A.J. Rimmer, Space Adventurer...

"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!"
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2007-09-17 12:54 pm
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Due Date

Today is my official due date.
Another uneventful non-stress test.
Returned a bra at K-Mart.
Went to the post office to mail a package.
Still pregnant.
Still not King.
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2007-09-11 10:34 am
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T-minus a week (give or take) and counting

Goal for today: lounge about and avoid going into labor. I'm trying to avoid a Sept. 11 birthday. Contractions have been getting more noticeable over the last week or so, but they are still not "organized".
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2007-07-16 11:57 am
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Garden update

New in my garden: deer tracks.
Missing: the tops of the okra plants.

I have belatedly put tomato cages around what's left of the okra.
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2007-07-11 01:51 pm
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Limited Activity

So I went in for my first NST (non-stress test) and while the baby monitoring tests were fine, I was apparently having some contractions. It didn't feel like anything was happening-just a little pressure like the baby was moving, but it showed up on the graphs. They had me recline for awhile with my feet up and gave me several cups of water and everything evened out. I thought I was drinking plenty of water, but maybe not. Now I'm keeping track each day (10 cups yesterday) and I'm on "Limited Activity" until I go back next Tuesday for my doctor's appointment.

I hope she says to keep drinking water and takes me off L.A., but if I keep having contractions I might have to go on modified bed rest, which would suck. With Limited Activity I'm supposed to spend a lot of time sitting around with my feet up, but I'm also supposed to get up and move around regularly, just nothing strenuous, or stimulating, or fun, but I can still work and get some things done as long as I take breaks.
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2007-05-06 01:04 pm
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I, Mammal

or...Baby on the way...or...Son of Crash, is the world ready?

We are pleased to announce that we have indeed opted for the full-blown mammal experience. Of course, I will be doing the birth & lactation parts of it. Things are going very well so far. I have had some food aversions, due in part to my new super smell powers, and there is a particular kind of salad that I can no longer be in the same room with. Only one incidence of vomiting, and I think it was more of a case of too large a meal and nowhere to put it (return to sender) rather than nausea.

With the potential of this in mind last year (doctor thought it might take six months to a year to conceive, but no) I cleared my calendar, avoided making any unrelated goals for 2007 and since have just been concentrating on doing a bit of research, getting plenty of sleep, plenty of exercise and paying attention to my nutrition. There have been some trips I could have taken, places I could have gone, but I am taking this opportunity to just charge up my batteries and prepare for the future. I do have a large project for work, but I am mostly working from home so it is not very stressful and I don't have to worry about buying lots of new maternity clothes. So far I've gotten by on a pair of maternity jeans, some stretchy waist pants and my larger sweaters and T-shirts.

I went to the Kid Stuff tag sale yesterday and bought cute baby things.

September 17
still thinking about names

From the Sage: Hexagram 32 from the I Ching (Wilhelm) Duration is...the self-contained and therefore self-renewing movement of an organized, firmly integrated whole, taking place in accordance with immutable laws and beginning anew at every ending. The end is reached by an inward movement, by inhalation, systole, contraction, and this movement turns into a new beginning, in which the movement is directed outward, in exhalation, diastole, expansion...
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2007-03-29 01:38 pm
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Seeds & Spring

I've planted a back yard garden for the past several years. It's been a lot of work, and the level of success has varied. Last year's tomato crop was a little disappointing. They tasted great, but there just weren't many of them. I almost considered skipping it this year and buying produce at the farmer's market, but I have a renewed interest in things organic after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, among other things, and I want to give it a real go this time.

Saturday, with the snow still on the ground, I planted several trays of seeds with the hopes of ending up with a dozen hardy tomato plants (regular and cherry), 6 eggplant, 6 cucumber, 6 Jalapenos, 12 spinach, 12 squash (two different kinds), some ornamental gourds, and a bunch of peas, beans, Lima beans, pinto beans, okra, and some Marigolds to go around the borders for a natural bug repellent. I have carrots and radishes that can go directly into the ground when it warms up.

Maybe this is too many different things, but I will see what does well and adjust accordingly next year. I think this will be my third attempt to grow okra, and I planted a lot more seeds this time and will give the plants more space and a good spot in the garden.

On Sunday I went to an Ostara ritual at a friend's house where we each blessed and planted sunflower seeds in little peat pots. It was like a symbolic representation of the entire previous day, but it's easier to be mindful while planting a few seeds than when planting a few hundred.

Yesterday I noticed that some of the Marigolds and beans have already started to sprout.