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I'm getting ready to head down to Tennessee for a week. I may or may not have an internet connection.

Latest dream work: hypnosis, in person and recorded. It's helped increase dream recall and the incidence of dream signs, but no new lucid dreams. I'll be going through the dream notebook at the end of the year to look for patterns and come up with a strategy for next year.
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I'm taking a few days off work to do some things around the house, edit the CRM114 index, work on my webpage, send off for rebates and just do stuff I never have time for. Rather than make one big post about all the stuff I've skipped & recent ideas, I think I may do a series of shorter posts this week as things occur to me.

Today so far: exercised to make up for Kung Fu being closed this week, 3 hours of indexing, 1 hour history (watched Thomas Jefferson vid), now laundry.

Currently reading: The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil, Pathway to Ecstasy - The Way of the Dream Mandala by Patricia Garfield.

Lucid dreams so far this year: 2 (I was hoping for more, but maybe they will start increasing as I find techniques that work better for me). Last night I dreamed of cheese.
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Possible trip to England in June. The N.E.R.D.s have been asked back on Scrapheap Challenge (in America it's called Junkyard Wars, though I'm not sure if it's showing over here now), so Crash and I may take some vacation after he does the show. Depends on how much free time he'll have. I wasn't planning on taking any major trips this year (other than visiting relatives in TN) since I want to go to WorldCon in Yokohama in 2007, but I really like England. We'll see.

In about three days I will make my last car payment, perhaps the last car payment of my life, but certainly the last in many, many, years. Woohoo! I plan to use the extra money for a Netflix account, Sharebuilder and savings, as the car is no longer under warranty.

I'll be at Webmaster World in April for work.

I plan to go to Anime Boston in May.

We are looking around at houses closer in to Crash's work to lessen his commute. (I usually work from my home office, so it's not critical for me.) We aren't really planning to move, just checking the open house listings in case something great turns up that would make it worth the hassle of moving. We also may decide to stay here and do a little remodeling.

Sweet Gale (the ingredient in Lucid Dream tea) has no noticeable affect on me.
Stilton Cheese likewise did not apparently affect my dreams. I'll be trying something else starting in a couple of weeks, maybe a different tea.

I started some seeds indoors (tomatoes, peppers, okra, squash, spinach, cucumber, etc.), and the beans are getting really tall. I may have to transplant them before it gets warm enough to plant them out in the garden. They are blocking the light from the other little plants. Next time I will have a separate tray for beans.

I recently discovered the joys of Butternut Squash casserole thing. Put in eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla & bake it turns into a kind of custard. Yum.

I am listening to a lot of podcasts. I will mention them by name with links later, maybe.

That's it. I must go work on my php/mysql homework.
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Supposedly, the English Cheese Board has said that of all cheeses, Stilton is the one that causes the most vivid dreams. I couldn't find plain Stilton, so I got Stilton with lemon peel. I just had 20 grams and I'm going to bed. I have enough for 5 more days, but starting tomorrow night I'll probably try the Lucid Dream tea. It's made in Canada, but I found a company in Vermont that sells it (International Herbs).

In the same shipment, I got a few other things: Mugwort, Valerian root, Calamus root, and lilac. Some is for a dream pillow, and some is for tea. When the box arrived, I sat on the sofa to open it, and the cats ran over and started drooling like crazy all over the box. Turns out that Valerian root is like catnip, but I never noticed the excessive drool with catnip. It was pretty nasty. I had to put the package in the microwave to save it, and put the trash bag with the paper it had been wrapped in on top of the refrigerator. Also, Valerian smells like sweaty socks, so I kept passing through the kitchen thinking, "Ugh, what's that smell?"
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I keep meaning to update this journal, but I'm not really in the habit yet, so I keep putting it off. I did dream that I was about to update it, but I didn't have an internet connection. So now I do. I'm awake, I think. (checks) Yep. Awake.

I repeated the same experiment/ritual/meditation whatever you want to call it that I had such great luck with originally, but this time I did not have a lucid dream. I will try it again several more times at least over the course of the year to see what happens, along with other techniques. I'm a bit disappointed that I don't have a sure-fire guaranteed lucid-dream induction technique, but maybe that was overly optimistic for right out of the gate. I am, however, having a ton of non-lucid dreams, so many that I'm falling behind in typing them up and now I'm swimming in little scribbled note pages that I'll have to decipher soon. I think the volume has doubled or tripled, but I'll do a hard count when I get caught up. Maybe the extra dream awareness went for memory rather than lucidity this time.

Some ideas for the future: herbal teas, dream pillows, more meditations, keep reading dream books. Just finished: The Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual by Strephon Kaplan Williams. (Many, many different techniques for working with dreams. Very useful.) Just started: Dreams Beyond Dreaming by Jean Campbell. Favorite all time dream book so far: Patricia Garfield's Creative Dreaming.
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One of my goals this year is working deeply with my dreams, which includes reading books on dreams, keeping a dream journal, and tracking possible influences on quantity/content including varying sleep times, current reading material, phases of the moon, etc. I've been remembering more dreams over the past few weeks, but haven't had much luck with getting lucid, other than a few near-lucid instances.

This morning I got one. Of course I don't have enough data to say for sure what triggered it, but yesterday I finished reading Etheric Anatomy by Victor Anderson, and did a Huna mana raising exercise with the intent of increasing my dream awareness. It could also be the accumulation of daily reality checks (asking myself if I'm dreaming, looking at my hands, etc.) Anyway, something worked, and I'm only 28 days into the experiment. I've had a few lucid dreams in the past, but they've been pretty few and far between. I hope this systematic study will help me learn effective induction methods.

dream excerpt )

Here's a link to the Mana exercise:


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