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So, I liked the six-week Kung Fu class so much that I signed up for the ongoing classes. Now I'm going ~3 times a week. I feel great, and it's only about a mile from the house, so very convenient. I have a class tonight, which I am looking forward to.

But today, today I must play golf. I have only played mini-golf before, but this is an event for work. I am not much into sports, but this might be fun. Or not. I will miss the dinosaurs and windmills.

In other news, I drove Crash in to work at 3am so he could pick up some stuff before heading off to England. He is going to be filming another episode of Scrapheap Challenge (the US version is Junkyard Wars) with the original team, The Nerds. Their official site is but it doesn't look like it has been updated since the last series.

Yesterday was his birthday. We had cake and ice cream and ran last minute errands.

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So, I don't quite have the hang of this LJ yet. I did write about a shopping trip to Salem with BW & Di in my pen & ink journal. That trip seemed to kick start a recent trend in creative hobby obsession. I saw some beautiful (and expensive) chalices, and decided I could make one myself, so I bought some leading and glass paint and I've been picking up plain wine glasses at flea markets to practice on.

Then I went to a Stampin' Up party and got interested in rubbing stamping - especially the candle decorations, so now I have some other supplies on order and several boxes of plain candles.

To make room for the new I decluttered a bunch of old crap, and rented a table at an indoor flea today. Unfortunately it was pouring rain and there were hardly any customers. I did have a nice conversation about meditation with one of the other vendors, spent about an hour writing haiku and read Asimov's SFM the rest of the time. Then I had to repack my car in the rain and bring all the crap back home. I've found some appropriate places to donate things, though, so I'll get rid of it for sure even if it's just for the tax deduction.

Other recent events: went to Webmaster World (work), B&A's housewarming (fun), NEASI Spring Meeting (indexing, cool). Finished a php/mysql online class and started a six-week Intro to Kung Fu class. I thought I was in decent shape before, but no.


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